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What is Tungsten Cemented Carbide?

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Tungsten cemented carbide, the hard phase, together with cobalt (Co), the binder phase, forms the basic cemented carbide structure from which other types of tungsten cemented carbide have been developed. In addition to the straight tungsten carbide – cobalt compositions – tungsten cemented carbide may contain varying proportions of titanium carbide (TiC), tantalum carbide (TaC) and niobium carbide (NbC). These carbides are mutually soluble and can also dissolve a high proportion of tungsten carbide. Also, tungsten cemented carbides are produced which have the cobalt binder phase alloyed with, or completely replaced by, other metals such as iron (Fe), chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), molybdenum (Mo), or alloys of these elements.

Tungsten Cemented Carbide Properties
Tungsten cemented carbide has very high strength for a material so hard and rigid. Its compressive strength is higher than virtually all melted and cast or forged metals and alloys. Tungsten cemented carbide has a tensile strength of 100,000-500,000 psi and a Brinell harness of 2570. (S3, p1) It has the highest melting point of any metal. Tungsten cemented carbide also has high thermal conductivity with a range of twice that of tool steel and carbon steel. A high resistance to corrosion enables it to be used in extreme conditions in or out doors. Tungsten cemented carbide also has a very high modulus of elasticity. Tungsten carbide is the hardest metal known to man.
Tungsten cemented carbide is known for its ability to retain an extremely sharp edge for an extended amount of time under certain cutting applications. Tungsten cemented carbide is also very brittle and is prone to nicking and chipping very easily. Tungsten cemented carbide is one of best-known materials for precision cutting. This is why one of the main uses for tungsten carbide is in a machine shop. Tungsten cemented carbide can be fastened to other materials by any of three methods; brazing, epoxy cementing, or mechanical means. As prices go down and more and more technology is developed to use this material, machines and companies all over the world are reaping the benefits of having much stronger and longer lasting bits and blades.

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Tungsten Cemented Carbide Application
Tungsten cemented carbide's main use is still for cutting tools. Machine shops all over the world use it every day. It seems that without this technology our world would be a different place. If you can think of all the things that are machined in this country every year it is amazing. Tungsten Carbide has been a huge contributor to the machining industry.
Tools made of tungsten cemented carbide are stronger and last longer than hardened steel tools. Most of these tools just have tungsten carbide inserts brazed onto a hardened steel part or cutting tool. The sharp part is the tungsten carbide the rest of the tool is steel. This allows the tool to be strong and more flexible while still allowing the cutting surface to be sharp and stay that way. These tools cost less than a tool that is made of completely tungsten carbide.
Overall tungsten cemented carbide is an amazing material. It has so many uses it is impossible to name them all. Every year more and more ways of putting it to good use are discovered. The harder and stronger we make parts and tools the longer they last. In the long run this saves everyone money. Tools and machinery have been using this technology for years and surely they will be using it in the future.

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