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Tungsten Carbide Drills

Productivity or cost-per-hole is the biggest trend affecting drilling today. This means drilling-tool and tungsten carbide drill bit manufacturers must find ways to combine some operations and also develop tools that can cope with higher feeds and speeds.

Carbide drill bit can be swapped out easily and accurately and customers can use a single drill body with multiple carbide drill bits to drill several different hole sizes. In addition, it eliminates the cost of backups needed when regrinding brazed or solid-carbide drills. Instead of replacing the whole drill body, end users only have to purchase a carbide drill bit, which costs about the same as regrinding a brazed or solid-carbide drill.

The advantages of tungsten carbide drills we supplied:
1.With excellent rigidity, tooling can conduct highly efficient machining.
2.General\high precision prodcut, surface finished <Ra0.15um
3.Adopting advanced power high speed CNC grinder to make high precision profile grinding, it has perfect blade quality & precision tolerance.
4.Inclination\number of flute (2-flute-6-flute)\type of holder\helical angle\flute length\holder diameter\overall length etc can be machined according to requirements.

Tungsten carbide drills (hollow drill, core drilling)

  • 1. To drill for more complex materials, you can choose a higher cutting speed.
  • 2. Selected special high-performance alloy steel drill bit blade, effectively reduce the avalanche knife, good wear resistance.
  • 3. Multi-terminal geometry cutting edge, improve drainage performance, to keep small cutting resistance.

tungsten carbide drills

Solid Carbide Drill

tungsten carbide drills

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tungsten carbide drills

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tungsten carbide drills

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tungsten carbide drills

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tungsten carbide drills

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