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Tungsten Carbide Kits

What is Kits

Kits is mounted on the drill template or the specific folder, its role is to determine the position of the workpiece to be machined hole, and guiding tool for processing, and improve tool rigidity in the process and preventing machining vibration.
Mainly used to determine the drill bit, reamer, reamers and other axis position sizing tool, kits structure and dimensions have been standardized. Depending on the characteristics of the drill bit holder with a fixed sleeve, interchangeable kits, quick-change kits and special kits four types. And the use of "interference fit" to insert the drill bit holder template.

Tungsten Carbide Kits Properties
Tungsten carbide kits with high hardness, wear resistance, toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, long life and other advantages, the average life is 30 times more than ordinary kits, but also at a higher temperature By continuing to work and increase efficiency.

Tungsten Carbide Kits Types

Tungsten carbide kits can be divided into fixed kits, interchangeable kits, quick-change kits and slant-hole kits and other four types, is to guide the drilling or reaming tools used in the machine on the workpiece fixture, to determine the tool position and the tool during processing to prevent vibration, inclination, thus ensuring the positional accuracy of the hole to be machined.

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Fixed Kits
Tungsten carbide fixed kits mainly used for small batches. Under production conditions with simple step drill hole. Fixed kits is mounted directly in the corresponding holes drilled in the template, so after a fixed kits wear generally can not be replaced.
Shoulder primarily for drilling template is thin, necessary for holding the drill guide sleeve length. With the shoulder, you can prevent the cutting and coolant falls on drilling template kits hole. The lower end of fixed drilling sleeve should extend beyond drilling template, in order to prevent the ribbon cutting and increased involvement of the kits kits wear.

Interchangeable Kits
In order to overcome the disadvantages can not be replaced after a fixed kits worn, there was interchangeable kits. Standard sets of interchangeable drilling and milling on the flange has a shoulder, stepped kits screw head is pressed against the shoulder to prevent rotation of interchangeable kits. Twist to the screw, you can remove the interchangeable kits. Using interchangeable kits drill template, kits can be changed at the installation should be fitted with a special liner, interchangeable drilling units mounted on the liner, so you can avoid the replacement of damaged drill template kits. The actual function can change the drill bit holder and a fixed sleeve, like a simple process for the use of drilling. Interchangeable kits is used in large quantities for easy drilling liner wear, it can replace rapidly.

Quick-change Kits
When machining a hole in turn require drilling, expanding, reaming, since the tool diameter increases, you should use the same diameter and different inner diameters of the kits to guide the tool, then use the quick-change kits can reduce the time to replace the kits . With the same set of quick change drill bit holder about with interchangeable. When replacing the kits, cutting edges of the kits at Go screw, you can remove the kits. Cutting edge direction of drilling units should be considered the tool rotation, so as not to pull out the drill with its own set of tools.

Inclined Hole Kits
In machining, some parts due to the need to work performance, on a workpiece has a certain space angle of inclined holes. In order to ensure the accuracy of machining parts is to improve productivity and reduce labor intensity, need to design drilling inclined hole to be guaranteed. For this purpose, for which the existence of problems in the production process proposed specific improvement measures.

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