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Tungsten carbide pins are also called tungsten carbide studded pins, for they are widely applied to the snow studs area. Tungsten carbide pins are in the cylindrical shapes, and it shows the excellent performance in resisting wear and abrasion.

Tungsten carbide pins are usually made of tungsten carbide powder with the cobalt powder as the binder, and then sintered to the shape of small cylinders. They can be inserted into other covets or parts to work, and the most important application of tungsten carbide pins are in the tungsten carbide studded tires and shoes, which are quite popular among those countries with lots of snow to protect the cars or people from slipping.


Made from tungsten carbide material, tungsten carbide pins have extremely high hardness, and the most important is that they have great performance in resisting abrasion, so they have a long time service life when they are put into use.

Chinatungsten Online has manufactured and provided lots of tungsten carbide pins and exported to countries worldwide, and we can produce according to customized drawings. Our tungsten carbide pins enjoys high reputation among our clients.

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