Tungsten Carbide Ball

tungsten carbide ball

Tungsten Carbide Ball

Tungsten carbide ball are also called tungsten steel ball and cemented carbide ball, which is made of tungsten carbide material, include properties of high hardness, high T.R.S., high corrosion and bending, are able to instead of kinds of steel balls.

Tungsten Carbide Ball for Pen

Tungsten carbide ball for pens is shaped by hard refractory metal compounds tungsten carbide and cobalt,and with sintering process to get the formation of a tungsten carbide substrate fake alloys.By this way, tungsten carbide retained its original character, and the binder phase is surrounded around the tungsten carbide particles.

Non-Magnetic Tungsten Carbide Ball

Non-magnetic tungsten carbide balls are usually manufactured of tungsten carbide powder, with nickel powder as the binder and finally sintered to form the shapes, which is poor wear resistance, with its production of die life is typically only tens of thousands of times.

Tungsten Carbide Bearing Ball

Tungsten carbide bearing ball main ingredient is tungsten-cobalt alloy (WC-CO), made of a special working conditions tungsten carbide bearing ball, has high temperature, abrasion resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance and other characteristics, and in high vacuum Magnetically shielded tungsten carbide bearing ball achieved certain results.

Tungsten Carbide Valve Ball

Tungsten carbide valve ball is an important part of globe valve , globe valve can make use of the handle or other drive means rotating sphere 90. So that the hole of the ball and the valve overlap or vertical centerline of the channel, to achieve the valve fully open or fully closed action, usually working in harsh environments.

Tungsten Carbide Ball for Universal Joint

Tungsten carbide ball for universal joint with the properties of high hardenss, wear resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-bending and long lifespan. Which is widely used in fork-ball constant velocity joint and ball basket constant velocity joint

Tungsten Carbide Universal Ball

Tungsten carbide universal ball with the properties of high wear resistance, high T.R.S. and high lifespan, which is widely used in universal transmission system. The main material of tungsten carbide universal ball is high hardness and refractory metal carbides, add some additives, such as Co, Ni, Mo and so on, and then sintered in vacuum furnace or hydrogen reduction furnace.

Ø6.96 Tungsten Carbide Bearing Ball

Ø6.96 tungsten carbide bearing ball means the polished carbide ball of Ø6.96mm, which is exclusively used as bearings ball, with features of high hardness, high wear resistance and long lifespan. Which has the similar processing with other tungsten carbide products.

Tungsten Carbide Ball For Ballizing

Ballizing is a fast low-cost process to sizing and finishing tubing and holes in metal. Pressing a slightly oversized tungsten carbide ball through the unfinished hole brings the hole up to desired size in seconds.

Tungsten Carbide Ball For Gauge

Tungsten carbide ball for gauge has a unique advantage over conventional inspection methods. Its spherical shape provides a self-centering line of contact that can be inserted into a hole at any angle.

Tungsten Carbide Balls For Gel Tips

Chintungsten Online is the leading manufacturer in the ball for gel tips industry. High precision and stable quality support customers with uniform writing performance and stable process in scale production.

Tungsten Carbide Ball For Flowmeters

Tungsten carbide balls are used where extreme hardness and wear resistance is required; in such applications as bearings, ball screws, valves, flowmeters. Tungsten carbide balls are also used for coining and pivots, detents and tips for gages and tracers.

Tungsten Carbide Precision Balls

Tungsten carbide precision balls in grades 3, 5, 10 and 24. The lower the number grade, the higher precision the ball is. Chinatungstn Online can provide quick turnaround on any size order at competitive prices.

Tungsten Carbide Semi-Precision Balls

Tungsten carbide semi-precision ball will be more readily available in inventory and is a lower cost option to the high precision balls. Semi-precision balls are available in grades 48, 100, 200, and 500.

Tungsten Carbide Diff Ball

Tungsten carbide diff balls have many advantages over standard steel balls, such as decreased weight, higher RPM capabilities, increased wear resistance, as well as reduced friction and vibration.

Tungsten Carbide 44A Miniature Balls

Tungsten carbide 44A miniature balls have a unique combination of properties: high compression strength, excellent wear resistance and can withstand shock and impact. Typical applications include bearings, ball screws, valves, pen balls, ballizing and flow meters.

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