Tungsten Carbide Universal Ball

tungsten carbide universal ball

Universal Ball

Universal ball also called universal conveyor ball, alias is called bovine, which is widely used in electronics, metals, machinery and chemicals industry. The main material of tungsten carbide universal ball is high hardness and refractory metal carbides, add some additives, such as Co, Ni, Mo and so on, and then sintered in vacuum furnace or hydrogen reduction furnace. Now the general tungsten carbide includes YG, YN, YT, YW types and so on.


Universal ball is usually made of carbon steel, galvanized steel, bearing steel, steel and so on. But as it needs higher properties in some environments, tungsten carbide with high wear resistance, high T.R.S., which is the best choice for the universal ball. The general universal ball is suitable for the industries of electronics, metals, machinery, chemicals, food, forest, mining, books, supermarkets and rubber. But the tungsten carbide universal ball is widely used in transmission systems, feed systems, processing systems, processing machinery, packaging machinery and auxiliary equipment.


As the tungsten carbide universal ball with scroll flexible, the working board on which to run, material boxes and other objects can be very flexible slip, thus greatly reducing the labor intensity, density can be set depending on the universal ball bearing requirements, can choose different bearing capacity of universal ball.


High wear resistance, high T.R.S., preservative, long lifespan, anti-bending, will retain the original characteristics even if used in the harsh conditions environment, can replace all steel ball products.

General Specifications

Code Diameter(mm) Dynamic Load(kg) Base Ball
CTOMS12 B 12.7 30 Steel Carbide
CTOMS15B 15.87 60 Steel


CTOMS22B 22.22 180 Steel


CTOMS25B 25.4 200 Steel


CTOMS30B 30.16 350 Steel


CTOMS45B 44.5 600 Steel


CTOMS60B 60 1500 Steel


CTOMS76B 76 3000 Steel


CTOMS90B 90 4000 Steel


(Down Type)
50.8 450 Steel


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