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Tungsten Carbide Electrode

Tungsten Carbide Electrode Features tungsten carbide electrode
1.Our tungsten carbide electrodes come in rod and single hole varieties.
2.Tungsten carbide electrodes are the toughest variety of EDM drill.
3.The toughness allows tungsten carbide electrodes to drill through the most stubborn target materials.
4.The toughness also allows tungsten carbide electrodes to be manufactured at smaller sizes than copper or brass, allowing for smaller holes to be drilled.
5.Our tungsten carbide electrodes are only manufactured under strict ISO:9001 guidelines.
6.We have been using the same alloy specification for over 20 years with a mixture of 6% cobalt, optimal for EDM drilling.
7.We offer tungsten carbide electrodes in a variety of lengths from 50 mm to 12 inches 330 mm, and custom lengths are available upon request.

Tungsten Carbide EDM Tubes
Today’s EDM Drilling Machines are far more advanced than ever before. With the various preset power settings available, our tungsten carbide EDM tubes will work effortlessly with any machine using oil-based dielectric fluid. If you are not sure whether tungsten carbide tubes will work with your machine, please contact your machine’s manufacturer. And then we will be highly appreciated if we could receive any inquiry from you. We are at your service all the time.

Tungsten Carbide Electrode Usage Notes
1.When the target material is extremely durable. If even copper electrodes are not tough enough for a particular application, tungsten carbide will get the job done.
2.When the hole that needs to be drilled is extremely small. Tungsten carbide electrodes can be manufactured at diameters down to .065 mm, while copper and brass electrodes can only get as small as .1 mm.
3.When the workpiece or target material is relatively soft, tungsten carbide should not be used. 4.Using tungsten carbide can be prohibitively expensive when copper or brass will accomplish the same thing.
5.When very small holes are not required. If copper or brass electrodes are available in the size needed for a certain hole, these are much more cost-effective.

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