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Tungsten Carbide Flat

Chinatungsten Online produce the tungsten carbide flat which possess the advantage of assured quality, stable characters, experienced producing technology and advanced facilities. It is our pleasure to offer fantastic savings on all of your products requirements. We believe that our prominent quality, favorable price and excellent service would be useful for your business. With rich technology strength and integrating with new test and producing equipments, guided by excellent technologists and supervisors

Tungsten Carbide Flat Application
Tungsten carbide flat is suitable for the production of various types electrical machine & electronic progressive dies and punches; and it is widely used in ceramics, printing machine, plastic, rubber, leather industry and cutting machines.

Tungsten Carbide Flat Advantages
1. 100% raw material to produce tungsten carbide products.
2. It is with high hardness, good wear resistance and high toughness.
3. We can offer any size of tungsten carbide flat.

Tungsten Carbide Flat Properties

ISO Grade WC% Co% Hardness(HRA±0.5) Density (g/cm3±0.1) T.R.S.(Mps)
K02 96 4 92.5 15.15 ≥2300
K10 94 6 92 14.95 ≥2450
K10 94 6 91.5 14.95 ≥2500
K20 94 6 91 14.95 ≥2600
K30 92 8 90 14.7 ≥2700
K40 91 9 89 14.6 ≥2800
K40 89 11 88.5 14.45 ≥2900
K40 88 12 89 14.4 ≥3000
K40 87 13 88.5 14.2 ≥3100

We are authorized for rapist make carbide products. We offer wide range of tungsten carbide products in standard shapes and sizes. Also, we manufacture special wear parts in accordance to the customer's specifications.

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