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Tungsten Carbide Spray Nozzle

Spray nozzles mainly including metal spray nozzle, carbide spray nozzle and ceramic spray nozzle. Tungsten carbide spray nozzle due to having good wear and thermal shock and corrosion-resistant overall performance, have high ratio in practical applications. Tungsten carbide spray nozzle is mainly used for catalytic cracking unit of refining equipment and some other that requires high temperature, corrosion, erosion occasions. With tungsten carbide spray nozzles, it make good to improve the bottomhole flow field, improve the ability of rock breaking, increase drill footage, and reducing drilling costs.

Tungsten Carbide Spray Nozzle Tungsten Carbide Spray Nozzle

The forming method of tungsten carbide products are squeezed, slip casting, powder rolling, pressure injection, and the common plasticized isostatic molding method. Tungsten carbide spray nozzles molding method mainly including:
1. Powder preparation. Powder components - milling - dry - plus a lubricant;
2. Repression. Press mold - mold release installed;
3. Compacts calcination and machining;
4. Sintering.

Tungsten carbide spray nozzle erosion resistance
The higher the hardness of tungsten carbide spray nozzles, its resistance to erosion is stronger; on the other hand, hard alloy binder phase of Co content decreased, in the high-speed impact of hard particles, the binder phase Co is plastically deformed easily,and be eroded away,so the content of Co in the cemented carbide of the nozzle is higher, the greater the rate of its erosion.

Tungsten carbide spray nozzles damage mechanism
Tungsten carbide spray nozzles damage mechanism mainly for grain loss, brittle fracture and grinding damage. Wherein the nozzle entry site mainly for grain loss and brittle fracture, middle and exit site mainly for grinding damage. Because the site is a high-angle nozzle inlet erosion zones, erosion particle erosion rate of the highest parts of the impact energy is also the largest, carbide metal binder phase containing Co impact at high speed hard particles, easily plasticity occurs deformation is eroded away, resulting in erosion of many voids and pits formed on the surface, leaving a raised hard phase particles occurs due to loss of support and fracture failure, and gradually fall off. Tungsten carbide spray nozzle exit site belong to middle and low-angle erosion zone, brittle material has good resistance to erosion ability under low-angle erosion.

Tungsten carbide spray nozzle compared with metal spray nozzle
Tungsten carbide spray nozzle is characterized by high hardness, high elastic modulus, good red hardness and low coefficient of linear expansion, but also with acid, alkali and good oxidation resistance and other characteristics. It occupies an important position in the modern tools and materials. The hardness of tungsten carbide is much higher than the metal material. Tungsten carbide spray nozzle erosion rate is much smaller than the metal material, its anti-erosion performance is much higher than the metal nozzle. Therefore, the amount of wear of the nozzle is much smaller than the metal spray nozzle. The life tungsten carbide spray nozzles longer than 1 000h, while the life of metal spray nozzle is much shorter than tungsten carbide spray nozzle, such as 1Cr18Ni9Ti nozzle life is only about 200h, and 45 steel less than 100h. So, carbide is the preferred material of the spray nozzle.

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