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Tungsten Carbide Flat Spray Nozzle

Our compnay is a professional tungsten carbide nozzle manufacturer which can produce many different kinds of nozzles, such as flat spray nozzles, oil nozzles, blasting nozzles and so on. With high speed to wash, well wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance.

tungsten carbide flat spray nozzleTungsten carbide flat spray nozzles are made from hot pressing with straight bore and venture bore type. Due to its hardness, low density and excellent wear and anti-corrosion, Tungsten carbide flat spray nozzle has been widely used in sandblasting and shot penning equipment, offering a long life with optimum air and abrasive use.

Tungsten carbide flat spray nozzle often is used in agricultural irrigation and urban greening. Used in geological prospecting, machinery/tool manufacturing and serves as drill bit in wind drill and electric drills for coal digging Fit for precision lathe are used in nonstop cutting of die-cast iron.

Tungsten carbide flat spray nozzle is for removing rust on the bottom of ship. It is used as types of manufacturing washing machines, coating line in the industries of motorcycles, bicycles, refrigerators and washing machines and cleaning equipments in the tungsten carbide flat spray nozzlemachinery industry. It is also used in humidification device in the light and textile services.

Tungsten Carbide Flat Spray Nozzle Advantages
1. Good performance property of abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance, stable property performance, long service life
 2. 360 degree oil nozzle, various dimension carbide nozzles, china top quality professional nozzle.
3. Factory direct-sale, various dimension to choose, accept customize service according to your drawing
4. High impact, wear and tear resistant.
5. High hardness and wear resistance.
6. Heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

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