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Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing Electrodes

Tungsten carbide hardfacing electrodes are usually in the shape of long bars, and they are formulated with tungsten carbide, manganese, nickel and cobalt help ensure you get the maximum life of the equipment. Generally speaking, the metals like nickel, silver or chromium will be used as the core matrix coating with tungsten carbide particles for improving the wear properties.

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Tungsten carbide hardfacing electrodes contain 50 to 60% tungsten carbide particles, and they are optimized combinations of toughness and wear resistance due to the heterogeneous weld metal composed of tungsten carbides distributed in a hard and very tough matrix, which endow these hardfacing electrodes with excellent wetting characteristics.

The following table introduced Chinatungsten Online's types of tungsten carbide hardfacing electrodes:

TCH-Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing Electrodes
Grade Nominal Size (mm) Particle Size(mm) Color
TCH-3 3 3-2 Pink
TCH-5 5 5-3 Yellow
TCH-6.5 6.5 6.5-5 Red
TCH-8 8 8-6.5 Dark Blue
TCH-9.5 9.5 9.5-6.5 Dark Green
TCH-10 10 10-18 Light Green
TCH-18 18 18-30 Light Blue
TCH-30 30 30-50 Light Yellow

Tungsten carbide hardfacing electorde supplies advanced hardfacing technology for specific high wear environments such as:
• Hardfacing for metal to metal wear resistance.
• Hardfacing for metal to metal pounding such as railroad frogs or switches.
• Hardfacing for metal to metal and abrasive wear that are oxidation and corrosion resistant even at high temperatures.
• Tungsten carbide hardfacing electrode for maximum abrasion resistance in rock to metal or other high wear applications.
• When hardfacing, it is easier to get the great pool of molten metal, improving consequently the weld-ability;

Chinatungsten Online can supply tungsten carbide hardfacing electrodes with various particle sizes for customers applying to the areas requiring extreme abrasion resistance combined with corrosion resistance.

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