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Tungsten carbide sheet has excellent performance (high strength, high toughness and high hardness, good thermal stability and thermal rigid), is widely used in ceramics, printing machinery, forestry, rubber, plastics, textile industry, cigarette machinery, packaging material,cable, shipbuilding, metallurgy machinery, electronics, leather and other industries. At the same time tungsten carbide sheet can be used in electronics, lighting, vacuum coating, vacuum electronics, shield, high temperature furnace industry.

              Tungsten Carbide Sheet    Tungsten Carbide Sheet

Tungsten carbide sheet is made tungsten carbide as a matrix, and Co, Fe, Ni, etc as adhesive. Depending on the chemical composition and properties, tungsten carbide sheet can be divided into five categories: tungsten-cobalt (WC-Co), tungsten, titanium, cobalt (WC-TIC-Co), tungsten, titanium, tantalum (niobium) cobalt [WC-TIC-TaC- (NbC) -Co], titanium carbide and steel bonded carbide base. Because tungsten carbide sheet with high hardness, good red hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low coefficient of linear thermal expansion characteristics, it particularly suitables for tools and materials, and because of its poor toughness, high brittleness, and can not be general machinery machining, sheet metal are often made for certain specifications. Tungsten carbide sheet in harsh conditions demonstrated by the performance is far better than ordinary tools and materials, and has a longer service life.

Tungsten carbide sheet performance
1. Hardness. Tungsten carbide sheet has a high hardness, its hardness is typically between HRA85 ~ 93, and with the increase in the amount of cobalt-containing alloy is reduced.Tungsten carbide sheet has good temperature hardness, which remains unchanged below 500 ℃, only when the temperature is higher than 500 ℃, have decreased significantly. In 1000 ~ 1100 ℃, the hardness of cemented carbide can remain HRA73 ~ 76.
2. Strength. Tungsten carbide sheet compressive strength is up to 6000MPa, generally 3400MPa ~ 560OMPa. Flexural strength at room temperature is between 750MPa-2500MPa.
3. The impact toughness. Impact toughness of tungsten carbide sheet is related containing cobalt content, the higher the amount of cobalt-containing, impact toughness is higher. Tungsten carbide sheet toughness also increased with the increase of tungsten carbide grains, impact toughness of coarse grain toughness of tungsten-cobalt alloy is higher of 20% ~ 30% to fine grain tungsten-cobalt alloy .
4. Abrasion resistance. Tungsten carbide sheet wear resistance is higher than the best high-speed steel to be 15 to 20 times.
5. The coefficient of linear expansion. Coefficient of linear expansion of the tungsten carbide sheet is (4.5 ~ 6.21) *10 ^ -6 /℃ (in 0℃ ~ 300℃), the linear expansion coefficient of tungsten-cobalt alloy is increased with increasing of cobalt-containing.
6. Tungsten carbide sheet has high elastic modulus, usually (4 ~ 7) x105MPa. Good rigidity at room temperature without significant deformation. The thermal conductivity of tungsten-cobalt alloy is 0.14~0.21 cal /(cm·℃·s), higher than high-speed steel 1~2 times . Thermal conductivity has special significance for the sheet, because the tool often generate a lot of heat conduction during use, heat conduction process depends largely on the plate thermal conductivity.

Tungsten carbide sheet has high strength, high hardness, high elastic modulus, high abrasion resistance advantages resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient, have a wide range of uses in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, oil cobalt exploration, mining and other extractive industries .

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