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Tungsten Carbide Plug Gauge

What is the plug?
Plug measuring tools, commonly used with the hole plug and threaded plug. Plug the hole can be made of the maximum physical size and the minimum size of the two entities. Thread plug gauge to measure the internal thread size of the correctness of the tool. This plug types can be divided into ordinary coarse teeth, fine teeth, and pipe thread three. Pitch of 0.35 mm or smaller, two precision and accuracy higher than two threaded plug, and a pitch of 0.8 mm or smaller three precision thread plug gauge not only end the probe.

What is the Tungsten Carbide plug
Tungsten carbide plug is made of cemented carbide material plug. Tungsten carbide plug can be replaced or impossible to accurately measure large equipment, to facilitate the lightweight, accurate measurement of large mold inside diameter. With carbide materials processing, time is not any influence of external factors storage. Carbide material wears over other steel properties. We can offer various sizes of carbide plug, pass only regulation by the customer's specified range molding process. Tungsten carbide plug at the international level, also called carbide needle gauge. Needle gauge is stiffer rod having a specific size of tungsten steel or other materials.

tungsten carbide plug gauge tungsten carbide plug gauge

Tungsten Carbide Needle Gauge Application
Needle regulations applicable to machinery and electronics diameter, pitch, thread the path measurement process, particularly suitable for measuring the bending width and die size. Needle gauge is also used to check the location, size measurement hole, check the two pitch, but also for the depth stop gauge and measure with through holes, holes standardized testing is essential gages for detecting the international advanced laser detector workpiece. And a wide variety of sophisticated technology in the field of electronic boards, circuit boards, molds, precision machinery manufacturing. Appearance in the form of a smooth needle gauge, needle regulations petiole, titanium needle gauge, ceramic needle gauge and so on.

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