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Tungsten Carbide Tube

Tungsten carbide tube has high hardness, high strength and excellent wear resistant properties, is widely used as a production tubing material. Currently, tungsten carbide tube made by press molding, powder injection molding and gel centrifugal forming.

Tungsten Carbide Tube Tungsten Carbide Tube

Tungsten carbide tube classification
According to the production methods, tungsten carbide tube can be divided tungsten carbide seamless (alloy hot-rolled seamless pipe, alloy seamless cold-rolled, tungsten carbide cold drawn seamless, tungsten carbide extrusion seamless, hard top quality alloy seamless pipe) and tungsten carbide seamless pipe; classification according to the wall thickness can be divided into thin-walled alloy tube, thick-walled alloy tube; use classification can be divided into pipelines tungsten carbide tube, tungsten carbide pipe thermal equipment, industrial machinery tungsten carbide tube, petroleum, geological drilling with tungsten carbide tube, alloy tube container, chemical industry tungsten carbide tube, special purpose tungsten carbide tubes. Among them, the geological drilling with tungsten carbide steel core drilling pipe is used by applications can be divided into the drill pipe, drill collars, core pipe, casing and precipitation tubes. And tungsten carbide oil drilling pipe is seamless steel pipe for oil drilling.

Tungsten carbide tube advantages
1. In terms of environmentally friendly, tungsten carbide tube has a long life, recyclable;
2. As drilling pipe, compared with steel drilling pipe, tungsten carbide tube has characteristics of the use of anti-corrosion, hardness, save operating costs, excellent drilling performance ;
3. In the petrochemical industry, tungsten carbide tube has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical stability and other characteristics;
4. Tungsten carbide tube with high accuracy and finish, you can adapt the mechanical and automation requirements. Some can be made into corrosion resistant or high temperature resistant parts, thereby improving the accuracy of the instrument, and certain mechanical life.

Gel centrifugal molding - vacuum sintering of tungsten carbide tube
Made tungsten tungsten carbide composite powder as raw material, by gel centrifugal molding preparation process to make WC-Co cemented tungsten carbide tubular green body, the gel centrifugal molding divides into the exhaust, debinding, pressure curing three process, the pressure in the molding process can accelerate coagulation curing adhesive systems, centrifugal along the body radial direction from the outside to the inside in order to cure. After releasing,then making body to vacuum sinter, its the final preparation of the WC-Co alloy tube.

The biggest feature of tungsten carbide tube is a high hardness and wear resistance, and compared with other materials, hard alloy tube life greatly improved. Meanwhile, precision tungsten carbide tube has a dimensional accuracy, surface and internal quality higher characteristic, is often used in nuclear reactors, heat exchangers as well as aviation, instrumentation, chemical, food and other industrial sectors. The excellent performance make tungsten carbide tube play an important position in the modern tools and materials, wear-resistant materials, high temperature and corrosion-resistant materials.

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