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Tungsten Carbide Moving Ring


As we all know, dynamic ring and static ring is the main components of mechanical seal. The moving ring rotates along the rotation of the spindle, and the stationary ring is fixed to the sleeve of the mechanical seal. In the high temperature conditions, tungsten carbide with high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and good compression performance. So tungsten carbide is the best material for making mechanical seals.


Carbide rings play an important role in the mechanical seal industry. Carbide rings are resistant to abrasion, corrosion resistance, deformation and high compression. They are widely used in petrochemical and other industries Such as sealing performance superior equipment. Due to the excellent properties of the cemented carbide material, the carbide ring is used as a mechanical seal for the pump and compressor. The carbide ring can also be used to seal the rotation axis and the gap between the pump and the stationary housing of the mixer so that the liquid can not leak through the gap.

Material Selection

According to the different binders, made of several grades of tungsten carbide materials, such as YG series and YN series, etc., in general, YG series of tungsten carbide has much higher hardness and better wear resistance, YN series of tungsten carbide’s corrosion resistance is better than the former. According to our experience, 6% nickel bonded tungsten carbide and 6% cobalt-bonded tungsten carbide are the most common materials for tungsten carbide moving ring. Our company produces a variety of tungsten carbide moving ring, but also according to the drawings to custom.

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