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Tungsten carbide stick nail also called tungsten carbide rod, horizontal bar-type sand mill is the essence of the same model around the broad, with high efficiency, strong contact, less pollution, automatic and reliable, grinding Cavity with high wear-resistant materials, pressure-powered mechanical piston used to change the volume of the grinding chamber, thus regulating the quality of the product, excellent selection, smooth operation. Tungsten carbide sticks are widely used in coatings, fuels, photographic materials, pesticides, paper and cosmetics industries such as high efficiency universal wet ultrafine grinding and dispersing machinery.

Stick nail is the part of the sand mill accessories, tungsten carbide stick nail with high impact resistance, corrosion resistance and high wear resistance, the product is produced by the advanced sintering technology and raw materials. Tungsten carbide nail is mainly used in coatings, inks, pigments, dye inks and other oily water product’s grinding.

tungsten carbide stick nail picture tungsten carbide stick nail picture

Application Areas

1. Industrial paint, automotive paint, paint, dyes, color paste and so on
2. Printing inks, gravure inks, electronic inks, printing inks, etc.
3. Drugs, cosmetics and other technology satisfied products.

Our tungsten carbide stick nails are all mixed by raw materials, use high-precision molding die suppression, and sintered with raw tungsten carbide. Stick tip is the parts of the frosted machine, which with impact resistance, corrosion resistance and high wear resistance.
Can be customized according to customer requirements, suitable for micron from the nano-level of different viscosity grinding, improve the dispersion grinding effect.
Recommended materials: YG8, YS2T, YG8N, YNi9, YL10.2, which with high wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

General Specifications(mm)

Diamater(OD) Length (L) Taps(TAPS)
Ø10 35 M10
Ø12 35 M12
Ø14 58 M12
Ø16 48 M12
Ø30 108 M16





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