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Development and Prospect of Binderless Tungsten Carbide

Binderless tungsten carbide is difficult to compact due to the absence of a metallic binder phase. However, with the hot isostatic pressing, the invention of advanced sintering technology such as spark plasma sintering and the advancement of submicron and nano powder manufacturing technology, pure WC, WC-TiC-TaC, WC-SiC, WC-MoC-SiC, etc. Binderless tungsten carbide is constantly emerging. These materials are gradually used in precision optical molds, sandblasting nozzles, nuclear industrial seals and other fields requiring high precision, high hardness, high modulus of elasticity, and high corrosion resistance. It mainly introduces the performance and application of various binderless tungsten carbides, and makes a simple outlook on the future development direction.

Binderless tungsten carbide is a new type of tungsten carbide developed in recent years, consisting of pure WC or WC and various metal carbides. Since it does not contain a metal binder phase such as Co or Ni, the binderless tungsten carbide has better polishing properties, higher hardness, deformation resistance and corrosion resistance than conventional tungsten carbide. Suitable for precision optical molds (especially aspherical lens molds used in LBP, CCD, CMOS, etc.), high wear-resistant seals, sandblasting nozzles, electronic packaging materials, heavy-duty sliding seal wear parts, etc. High hardness, high deformation resistance, high wear and corrosion resistance. Due to the inconsistent processing speed of WC and Co, it is difficult to obtain a smooth processing surface for the conventional WC-Co tungsten carbide, and the binderless tungsten carbide without Co obtains a very smooth processed surface.

binderless tungsten carbide rod picture binderless tungsten carbide die picture

However, the main raw material WC of the binderless tungsten carbide is a high-melting carbide (2000 ° C), which is dense and non-sticky by conventional sintering methods such as vacuum sintering and SIP sintering in the absence of a binder phase. Junction cemented carbide is a very difficult thing. With the promotion of hot isostatic pressing technology in the hard alloy industry; the invention of spark plasma sintering technology and sub-micron WC powder synthesis technology, the densification of binderless tungsten carbide which is difficult to achieve by conventional sintering methods Synthesis has become a possibility. At present, there are two research directions for binderless tungsten carbide, one is pure WC binderless tungsten carbide, and the other is composite binderless tungsten carbide containing WC and other metal carbides.

In recent years, the research and development of binderless tungsten carbide has attracted a lot of attention from scholars and enterprises, and has achieved considerable development. Among them, pure WC binderless tungsten carbide and WC-Tic-Tac composite binderless tungsten carbide are widely promoted in optical molds, seals, waterjets and other applications.

The components made of binderless tungsten carbide often have high hardness and high brittleness, and subsequent processing is also a challenge. Although WC has the highest toughness of common alloy carbides, it is still lower than traditional tungsten carbides, which limits the application of binderless tungsten carbide in the field of cutting. At this stage, the main research of binderless tungsten carbide is still focused on how to obtain dense sintered bodies and grain refinement at low temperatures, for coarse binderless tungsten carbide, or by additives to improve non-stickiness. The study of the toughness of the phase tungsten carbide has not been involved or has been very effective.

With the further popularization and application of HIP technology in the tungsten carbide industry and the industrial development of SPS sintering technology, industrial large-scale production and expansion of binderless tungsten carbide will gradually become possible. It is believed that it will have a broader development prospect and space in the field of high hardness, high deformation resistance, high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance.

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