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Pure WC Binderless Tungsten Carbide

Some scholars have obtained a dense WC compact sintered body at different temperatures by using spark plasma sintering technology, gas pressure protection sintering or high frequency induction heating sintering technology and pure WC powder with a particle size of 1 um or less or a mixture of W powder and C powder. This pure WC binderless tungsten carbide
maintains the excellent properties of WC, such as high hardness, high modulus of elasticity and high corrosion resistance.

A pure WC sintered body having a hardness of 24 GPa was obtained at 1900 ° C using an SPS sintering technique. A pure WC sintered body having a relative density of 95.1% was obtained by a GPS sintering technique at 1860 ° C, and its Vickers hardness was 1718 kg/mm 2 and the fracture toughness was 5.97 MPa.m 1/2 . A pure WC sintered body having a particle diameter of 0.43 μm and a maximum Vickers hardness of 26.54 GPa was obtained by using HIFFS sintering technique using a mixture of W powder and C powder. A pure WC sintered body having a particle diameter of 0.36 μm, a relative density of 97.6%, a Vickers hardness of 2480 kg/mm 2 and a fracture toughness of 6.6 MPa.m 1/2 was obtained by PCAS sintering technique. If a finer powder, such as 200 mm, is used, a pure WC sintered body having a relative density of 99.6% can be obtained at 1500 ° C by SPS sintering technology, and at the same time has good hardness and toughness.

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For the binderless tungsten carbide, it is possible to obtain a dense WC dense sintered body at a lower temperature using a finer WC powder. However, finer WC grains are also liable to cause abnormal growth of crystal grains, and the addition of V8C7 and Cr3C2 particle size inhibitors can effectively suppress the WC particle size and further improve the alloy properties.

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