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Non-magnetic Tungsten Carbide Plate

What is non-magnetic tungsten carbide material?
Non-magnetic tungsten carbide material is a kind of new carbide materials significant performance. Tungsten carbide is sintering by powder metallurgy industry, which is composite by the refractory metal such as WC and the binder of Co, Ni or Fe. And the Fe, Co and Ni are magnetic material, with 770℃、1120℃、354℃ curie point. Ni with the lowest curie point, we could drops it below room temperature throw some methods, so the Ni is the best material for Non-magnetic tungsten carbide material.

Properties of non-magnetic tungsten carbide plate
Non-magnetic tungsten carbide plate with high hardness, high T.R.S. and high corrosion resistance, are widely used in thermal recovery wells and sand wells. Non-magnetic tungsten carbide plate is a kind of material with non-magnetic or weakly magnetic. Non-magnetic tungsten carbide plate with widely usage, which with the properties of magnetic and high hardness of tungsten carbide, other materials can not be replaced this material.non-magnetic tungsten carbide plate

Usage of Non-magnetic Tungsten Carbide Plate
1. For the production of standard parts, cold heading, cold punch, cold mold.
2. For non-magnetic wear parts.
3. The magnetic field for forming the mold.
4. For the magnetic field forming mold punch.

Method of WC-Ni Non-magnetic Tungsten Carbide Plate
1. Control the Carbon content strictly
WC-Ni alloys and WC-Co alloy as the carbon content of the main factors affecting the W solid capacity in the binder phase, that is, the carbon content in low alloy carbon compound phase, the amount of solute Ni binder phase of the W big, variation range from about 10 to 31%. When W in the amount of solute Ni binder phase exceeds 17%, it was a non-magnetic alloy. The essence of this approach is to obtain a non-magnetic carbide by reducing the carbon content and increase the amount of solid solution of W in the binder phase. The actual carbon content usually lower than the theoretical carbon content of WC powder or W powder mixture by adding methods to achieve the purpose of the production of low-carbon alloy.

non-magnetic tungsten carbide plate

2. Add Cr, Mo and Ta
WC-10% Ni high carbon (wt% by weight) alloy was ferromagnetic at room temperature, if you add more than 0.5% of Cr in the form of metal, Mo, and more than 1% Ta, enables high-carbon alloy magnetic iron into a non-magnetic. Adding Cr, a magnetic alloy with a carbon content irrelevant, Cr alloy binder phase and W as a solid solution of a large number of results. Added Mo, Ta alloys can only be turned into amorphous magnetic alloy under certain of the carbon content. Since Mo, Ta small amount of solid solution in the binder phase, most of Mo, Ta is formed of carbon capture WC corresponding carbide or carbide solid solution, the alloy composition to a low carbon-offset, causing W increasing the amount of solid solution in the binder phase. That is, adding Mo, Ta, or by the method actually reduce the carbon content to obtain a non-magnetic alloy, although not as easy to control the addition of Cr, but lower than pure WC-10% Ni alloy in terms of controlling the carbon content is relatively easy, the carbonaceous broaden the scope of the amount of 5.8 to 5.8 to 5.95% to 6.05%!

3. Add NiB or Al
In the boron NiB 1 ~ 8 (nickel boron) as the binder phase, WC, TiC (titanium carbide), of TaC (tantalum carbide) as the hard phase, by 1300 ~ 1450 ℃ made of vacuum sintering. When the binder phase boron content of more than 8%, the flexural strength decreased significantly. This alloy has been able to obtain a non-magnetic, because the inference is boron alloy binder phase in the solution leaving the alloy Curie point reduction, or due to the reaction of boron with WC hard phase leaving the new low-carbon alloy becomes results alloy. Add WC-Ni-based alloy in Al, such as the composition of WC-0.75% Al-14.25% Ni alloy, this alloy at room temperature, weakly magnetic, the bending strength of 1670MPa, hardness 87.4HRA.

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