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Tungsten Carbide Finished Plate

Tungsten carbide finished plate is mixed by tungsten carbide and additives, which are used the method of metallurgy by refined flour, milling, pressing and low pressure sintering. The products with high dense, no holes no blisters, high size precision (± 0.01mm)and less allowance, can effectively improve productivity and dramatically reduce processing costs. Tungsten carbide finished plate are widely used for cutting metal, wood and other materials.

Tungsten carbide finished plate with high hardness, high wear resistance, high T.R.S. and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent performance, especially the high hardness and wear resistance,even if the temperature at 500 degrees also remained unchanged.

Features of Tungsten Carbide Finished Platetungsten carbide finished plate
1, Excellent thermal stability and high resistance to deformation;
2, In the high temperature with high mechanical temperature;
3, Good thermal shock resistance;
4, High thermal conductivity;
5, Excellent oxidation control;
6, High corrosion resistance at high temperatures;
7, Excellent anti-chemical corrosion resistance;
8, High wear resistance;
9, Long life.

Tungsten Carbide Finished Plate Properties and Usage

Co% Hardness Density T.R.S. MPa ModulusGPa Thermal 
10 91.7 HAR 14.4 4300 490 5.4 10-6/0C Copper, aluminum and other sheets with the thickness smaller than 0.2mm
12 92.5 HAR 14.1 4500 460 5.8 10-6/0C Copper, aluminum and stainless steel sheet
13 90.6 HAR 14.1 4100 460 5.8 10-6/0C With applicability, copper, aluminum and other sheet
12 89.8 HAR 14.2 3400 470 5.7 10-6/0C Q195、SPCC Cold-rolled plate
15 89.4 HAR 13.8 3900 430 6.3 10-6/0C EI sheet、SPCC Cold-rolled plate
12 88.9 HAR 14.2 3300 470 5.7 10-6/0C SPCCCold-rolled plate, high-speed die and multi-position progressive die
15 87.9 HAR 13.9 3200 440 6.1 10-6/0C Die silicon steel sheet, cold rolled sheet, hardware and standard parts
20 86.4 HAR 13.5 3100 390 6.8 10-6/0C Silicon steel sheet and punches

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