Tungsten Carbide Coal Button

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Tungsten carbide with excellent wear resistance and impact toughness, which with higher drilling speed than similar products. The long service life is 5-6 times of the grinding life of the same diameter blade head, which is beneficial to save auxiliary working hours, reduce manual labor and speed up engineering. The cemented carbide cutting coal miner and the boring machine picks, wherein the boring machine picks require higher hardness.


Tungsten carbide coal buttons are mainly used in mining, tunnel construction, etc.


Grade Density
Properties and Application
YG4C 15.10 1800 90.0 Mainly used as a impact drill for cutting soft and medium materials.
YG6 14.95 1900 90.5 Used as electric coal drill bit, coal pick, petroleum roller bit and scraper ball bit.
YG8 14.80 2200 89.5 As core drill, electric coal drill bit, coal pick, petroleum roller bit and scraper ball bit.
YG8C 14.80 2400 88.5 It is mainly used as a ball tooth for small and medium-sized impact drills and as a bearing for rotary exploration drills.
YG11C 14.40 2700 86.5 Most of them are used in impact drills and ball bearings for cutting high hardness materials in roller cone bits.
YG13C 14.2 2850 86.5 It is mainly used for the ball teeth used in rotary impact drills to cut medium and high hardness materials.
YG15C 14.0 3000 85.5 Cutting tool for oil cone drill bit and medium soft medium hard rock excavation.


Type Dimensions Angle
D d H h SR1 SR2 e
YJ2428-X35 24 4 28 12.5 1.5 30 3.5
YJ15.725 15.75 4 25 12.5 1 25 3.5


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