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Tungsten Carbide With Additive of Rare Earth

Tungsten carbide with rare earth modified method for preparing the composite powder, wherein the rare earth modified cobalt coated tungsten carbide composite powder is prepared by the following steps: First, at room temperature, the CoCl2 · 6H2O was dissolved in ethanol to prepare a concentration of 40.36g / L of CoCl2 solution and then press-tungsten carbide with rare earth modified the design of the composite powder composition will be added to the WC powder micron CoCl2 solution, 'ultrasonic agitation , adding 80% hydrazine hydrate, and 80% hydrazine hydrate solution is added in an amount of CoCl2 volume of 2/5, ultrasonic agitation continued for 5 minutes, adding a saturated aqueous solution of NaOH, NaOH and saturated aqueous solution of hydrazine hydrate the same dosage, ultrasound for 30 minutes , allowed to stand for 2 hours, discard supernatant, the precipitate was washed with distilled water five times, and then 60 ~ 70 ℃ dried in a water bath at 30 to 60 minutes, that of the Co-coated WC powder; Second, tungsten carbide with rare earth composite powder consisting of Co-coated design and concentration of WC powder mixed solution 5g/LCeCl3· 7H2O in 100 ~ 300r/min speed continuous stirring, the concentration of 40mL / L 80% hydrazine hydrate aqueous solution of 80% aqueous hydrazine hydrate solution an amount of CeCl3 · 7H2O 0.5 times the volume, stirred at room temperature for 30 minutes, then centrifuged, after centrifugation of the powder with distilled water four times, and then dried in a water bath at 70 ℃ 30 ~ 60 minutes; namely obtain rare earth modified cobalt-coated tungsten carbide composite powder.

The effect of CeO2 modification on flame sprayed nickel-tungsten carbide (WC) coatings was investigated. The modified coatings exhibited smaller grain sizes of the ceramic phase due to enhanced dissolution of the WC phase. The tungsten carbide with rare earth doped coatings, especially Ni-WC +0.9% wt. CeO2, showed superior abrasive wear resistance with respect to the unmodified coating mainly due to enhanced hardness. Coating modified with 0.6% wt. CeO2 demonstrated superior erosion resistance at both impact angles, 30 deg and 90 deg, respectively, primarily due to low porosity levels. Microstructural examination showed different wear mechanisms in conventional and doped coatings.

The specification of tungsten carbide with rare earth additive as following:

YWR2 12.5~13.5 >=1460 >=91 Higher wear resistance and service strength than YW2 capable of undergoing high impact load. For roughing and Semi-finishing of heat resistant steel ,hi-Mn steel, stainless steel and high alloy steel, and for processing of ordinary steel and cast iron.
YGR7 14.9 >=1500 >=90  High hardness and strength, low friction, good wear resistance Used as drawing dies for drawing and straightening of steels, non-ferrous metals and the alloy bars and tubings.
YGR8 14.6~14.9 >=1650 >=89.5 Higher wear resistance, service strength and impact toughness than YG6 and YG8 For drawing of steel<=Φ50mm,non-ferrous metals and alloys into alloy bars and <=Φ30mm tubes under high-stress conditions, and for fabricating of press dies with a largerdiameter and lower working load. 

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