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Tungsten Carbide Traditional Grade

Chinatungsten Online manufactures and supplies different grades of tungsten carbide products. Tungsten carbide traditional grades as following:

Grade Typical Property Values Performance & Applications Equivalent
to ISO
YT30 9.5 1140 92.5 Wear resistance and cutting speed higher than YT15 but strength and impact toughness comparatively lower. Finishing of carbon steel and alloy steel, for instance fine turning, fine boring or fine reaming of their small chip sections P05
YT15 11.3 1650 92.0 Wear resistance higher than YT5,but impact toughness lower than YT5.Semifinishing of the medium chip sections of steel, cast steel and alloy steel or finishing of their small chip sections. P10
YT14 11.4 1750 91.5 High strength in use and good impact & shock resistance, yet lower than YT5,Rough turning and rough milling of carbon steel and alloy steel during continuous cutting or medium to fine turning of them during intermittent cutting. P20
YT5 12.9 2200 90.5 Best strength and height impact & shock resistance among W-Co-Ti alloys but wear resistance comparatively lower. Rough turning, rough planning and half precision planning of carbon steel and alloy steel (including forged steel parts, stamped parts and cast iron surfaces). P30
YW1 13.0 1710 92.5 High red hardness, resistant to impact load. A goo grade for general purposes Machining of ordinary steel, cast irons and hard to machining materials such as refractory steel manageress steel, and stainless steel.  M10
YW2A 12.9 1910 91.5 High red hardness and high strength in use, resisting high impact load, A good grade for general purposes, Machining and medium machine of cast irons and problem materials such as refractory steel, manganese steel, stainless steel and advanced alloy steel. M15
YW2 12.9 1880 91.0 Wear resistance second to YW1 yet strength comparatively higher and resistant to high impact load. Roughing and medium machining of ordinary steel cst irons as well as refractory steel, manganese steel, stainless steel and advanced alloy steel. M20
YG3X 15.2 1600 92.5 Best wear resistance among W-Co alloys yet impact toughness comparatively low, High speed finishing of small chip section of cast irons, non-ferrous metals & alloys quenched steel and alloy steel. K01
YG3 15.2 1750 92.0 Wear resistance less than YG3X only, sensitive to impact and vibration for continuous semi-finish and finish turning of castiron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys and for finish turning of threads and reaming. K05
YG6A 14.9 1850 92.0 Fine-grained alloy, good; wear resistance. Semi-finishing of chilled cast iron, non-ferrous metals/alloys; semi-finishing and finishing of hardened steel, alloy steel. K10
YG6X 14.9 1890 91.5 Fine grain WC alloy, wear resistance higher than YG6,strength in use close to YG6,Machining of chilled alloy cast irons and refractory alloy steel or finishing of ordinary cast irons. K10
YG6 14.9 2050 90.5 High wear resistance ,yet lower than YG3 impact and shock resistance higher than YG3X Semi-finishing and finishing of cast irons ,nonferrous metals & alloys and non metallic materials at medium cutting speed. K15~K20
YG8 14.7 2520 90.0 High strength in use ,impact and shock resistance higher than YG6,but wear resistance and cutting speed comparatively lower. Roughing of cast irons non ferrous metals and their alloys as well as nonmetallic  materials at low cutting speed K30

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