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Tungsten Carbide Grades Introduced From Abroad

Grade Typical Property Values Performance & Applications Equivalent
to ISO
ZP10 11.95 1650 92.0 Semi-finishing and finishing of steel, steel castings and alloy steel. P10~P15
ZP10-1 11.1 1730 92.0 Excellent in wear resistance, strength in use and red hardness. Semi-finishing and finishing of steel, cast steel, for geable cast iron and continuous nodular cast iron also suitable for copying , threading and milling. P10~P15
ZP20 11.4 1800 92.0 High in impact resistance and strength in use. Roughing and semi-finishing of steel, cast steel, forgeable cast iron and nodular cast iron. P15~P20
ZP25 12.6 1850 91.0 Roughing turning ,milling and depth drilling of carbon steel, steel castings, manganese steel and alloy steel. P20~P30
ZP30 12.6 1950 91.0 High in strength in use and impact resistance. Medium to heavy cutting of steel and cast steel, Also suitable for milling  P25~P35
ZP35 12.7 2220 91.0 A versatile grade High in red hardness, strength in use and resistance to impact and thermal shocking. Roughing and strength cutting of steel and cast steel. P30~P40
ZM10-1 13.2 1650 92.0 High in red hardness and crater resistance .Capable of bearing impact load. finishing of cast iron alloy. mild steel, forgeable nodular cast iron and difficult-to-machine materials such as refractory steel, manganese steel, stainless steel. M10~M15
ZM15 13.8 1800 91.0 High in red hardness and strength in use; capable of resistiting  high impact load. Semi-finishing or finishing of refractory steel, manganese steel, austenitic stainless steel, machining of cast iron. M10~M20
ZM30 13.5 2000 90.5 High strength in use; capable of resisting high impact load, yet wear resistance comparatively low ,Roughing and semi-finishing of refractory steel, manganese steel, stainless stell, etc. M25~M30
ZK10UF 14.8 2000 93.0 Semi-finishing and finishing of cast-irons and nonferrous metals it's also the unique material of solid carbide tools for holing. M05~K15
ZK10-1 14.8 1600 91.5 Semi-finishing and finishing of cast iron and machining of cat alloy iron, bronze and copper. Suitable for machining of aluminum and aluminum alloys. M05~K15
ZK10 14.9 1700 91.4 It's belong to the fine grain grade. excellent wear resistance. Finishing of cast iron. non-ferrous metals, non-metailic materials and hardened steel. Also suitable for turning and milling. M05~K15
ZK20 14.9 1800 90.5 Roughing and semi-finishing of cast iron. chilled cast iron, low alloy cast iron, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials. M10~K20
ZK30 14.8 2000 90.0 Roughing of marble, plastics as well as non-ferrous metals, copper and aluminum and cast iron. M20~K30
ZK40 14.6 2200 89.0 High in strength and impact resistance, Roughing and strength cutting of cast iron. M30~K40

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