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Coated Cemented Carbide

Coated cemented carbide currently represents 80-90% of all cutting tool inserts. Its success as a tool material is due to its unique combination of wear resistance and toughness, and its ability to be formed in complex shapes. Coated cemented carbide combines cemented carbide with a coating. Together they form a grade which is customized for its application. Cemented carbide is a powdery metallurgical material; a composite of tungsten carbide (WC) particles and a binder rich in metallic cobalt (Co). Cemented carbides for metal cutting applications consist of more than 80% of hard phase WC. Additional cubic carbonitrides are other important components, especially in gradient sintered grades. The cemented carbide body is formed, either through powder pressing or injection moulding techniques, into a body, which is then sintered to full density.

Grade Equivalent
to ISO 
Performance & Applications
ZC01 P10-P20
TiC-TiN Semi-finishing and finishing of steel, steel castings and alloy steel, also for cast-iron and other short chip materials.
ZC02 P05-P20
TiC-AL2O3 Supper finishing & finishing of all kinds of materials.
ZC03 P10-P35
TiC-TiN Medium finishing of steel, steel castings ,cast-iron
ZC05 P05-P25
TiC Suit for semi-finishing and finishing of steel, steel castings and stainless steel.
ZC06 P10-P25
TiN Semi-finishing & finishing of steel, steel castings, alloy steel and cast iron.
ZC07 P20-P35
TiC Drilling of steel , steel castings and austenitic stainless steel.
ZC08 P20-P35
TiN Semi-finishing and light roughing of steel, steel castings, alloy steel and cast iron. 

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