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Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies

What is Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies?

Tungsten carbide dies usually refers to all kinds of wire drawing die, there are pull-mode optical fiber drawing. The center of all the drawing die hole has a certain shape, round, square, octagonal or other special shapes. Metal is pulled through the die hole size smaller, or even shape change.

Types of Drawing Dies Steel die.
There can be a number of different diameter holes on steel die.
Carbide Die - used for drawing wire (steel wire).
Wire mode - used to pull non-ferrous metal wire, such as copper, aluminum, etc..

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Based on different application, those dies for drawing wires are called tungsten carbide wire drawing dies. Tungsten carbide wire drawing dies are used for drawing kinds of wire, such as: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel etc. The wire drawing dies we supply including the natural diamond wire drawing dies, PCD wire drawing dies and tungsten carbide wire drawing dies. All major wire producers use tungsten carbide wire drawing dies, for they are durable and resist abrasion well. We can supply different dies, such as drawing die, punching die, extrusion die, cold heading die, which are fully finished or rough cored - cased or uncased, to meet clients exact requirements.

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Type 01 Type 10 Type 11 Type 12 Type 13
tungsten carbdie wire drawing die drawing die drawing die drawing die drawing die
Type 20 Type 21 Type 22 Type 23 Type 30
drawing die drawing die drawing die drawing die drawing die
Type 31 Type 40 Type 41 Type 42 Type 60


Applications of Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies

Tungsten carbide drawing die has a wide range of uses, such as electronic devices, radar, television, instrumentation, and aerospace and other high-precision wire and commonly used tungsten wire, molybdenum wire, stainless steel wire, alloy wire and cable wire. A variety of diamond wire drawing dies are pulled out for use. Diamond wire drawing die use natural diamond used as the raw material, which has strong wear resistance, high service life.

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