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Tungsten Carbide Punching Dies

At present, the majority of tungsten carbide punching dies using WC-Co alloy (tungsten carbide-based, which combines material plus Co, and produced by powder metallurgy method). This tungsten carbide has high hardness, high melting point, stable, suitable for making the mold material. Because lubricity of WC is better than Co, and with high solubility at high temperatures; at normal temperature, WC solubility ratio of Co is small, so it can maintain a certain toughness. WC-Co cemented carbide is currently the most widely used, the largest output of carbide.Thanks to the combination of WC and Co properties,they have excellent performance

Tungsten carbide punching dies mainly processing of bolts, nuts, steel wall nails, wood screws and rivets and other common parts in industrial production.Conventional bolt cold forming process can be divided into expected, upsetting head, accumulate, forming, gaining five steps. Stamping advantage are the high material utilization, metal consumption, high production efficiency, high degree of automation. In the course of the punching dies working ,it had to bear a huge impact, unit pressure up 200MPa, and therefore requires a mold material with high hardness, high wear resistance, high impact strength and fatigue sufficient toughness.

Tungsten Carbide Punching Dies    Tungsten Carbide Punching Dies

Carbide collection of high hardness of metal carbide and plastic good of adhesion metal,which has a series of excellent performance:
1.High strength and high hardness, particularly at higher temperatures still has high hardness, i.e., a good red hardness;
2.High modulus of elasticity, rigidity, and no significant plastic deformation under stress;
3 High comprehensive strength, can withstand large loads and keep the same shape;
4 Good wear resistance;
5 Small thermal expansion coefficient;
6 Good chemical stability, oxidation behavior not significantly in high temperature .

Tungsten carbide punching dies design points In order to effectively carry out tungsten carbide punching dies design, it should be noted:
1.due to the tungsten carbide punching dies long service life, while the other component life is short, so as to deal with the replacement of the material properties, hardness, and components in detail.
2.Making adequate researchto the product shape, material properties, accuracy and blank size, etc. , and then redesign tungsten carbide punching dies.
3.Punch should have sufficient accuracy, stiffness and stress. Strut die adopt more favorable.
4. Die and punch structure, should be fully taken into account, not only the strength to be enough, but also easily processed, simplify manufacturing processes. In particular, the corner of the die and punch, it is easy to wear, and the gap, and processing inconvenience.
5 Convex and concave of Tungsten carbide punching dies are had to be fixed, reliable, easy disassemble. In a small area of the convex and concave punching dies, the device quenching punch hot plate, to prevent the punch and die sinking.

Failure of tungsten carbide punching dies
Because tungsten carbide has high hardness, high wear resistance, high red hardness, etc. are called modern industrial carbide teeth.Tungsten carbide is widely used as tool material in oil drilling, mining, metallurgy, machinery, chemical, military and other fields. tungsten carbide punching dies used to produce nuts, screws, nails and other parts of the steel wall.Their working conditions are under a certain load carrying, it should be hit one or more times to make metal parts machining impact reaches forming size requirements. In the actual working conditions, tungsten carbide punching dies susceptible alternating load, shock, vibration, and working conditions are very bad. Experienced the shock of millions of times, the tungsten carbide punching dies surface prone to micro-cracks, these cracks gradually extended in the ongoing work, the final cause die failure.

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