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Tungsten Carbide Tube Drawing Dies

Scope drawing die is very extensive, mainly for drawing bar, wire rod, wire, tubes and other objects . Tungsten carbide tube drawing dies as useful materials must have sufficient strength and wear resistance. Most of the die blanks of tungsten carbide tube drawing dies are basically of WC-Co type carbide. WC-Co type carbide is a very hard element (tungsten carbide) is sandwiched between the relatively soft substrate (cobalt) layer. Carbide, the most important element is tungsten carbide. Of which only a small amount of matrix metal film is present, the gap is filled with carbide grains. Due to the thermal expansion properties of carbide and cobalt are different, so the metal film when the substrate and the hard particles are joined together, they are subjected to severe plastic constraints. This will increase the strength of the base metal, and cause the matrix metal embrittlement occurs. This fact determines the Carbide performance. At high temperatures, the hardness of tungsten carbide still guaranteed. When the temperature reaches 600 ℃, the hardness of ctungsten carbide may be the same high-speed steel at room temperature hardness. Hard metal is higher than the compressive strength of the synthetic material of any kind, and it also has a high modulus of elasticity and rigidity. Other features also include carbide is superior to most of its thermal conductivity and a low coefficient of friction of steel. These characteristics of the production and processing of metal tubes are very important.

Tungsten Carbide Bar Drawing Dies    Tungsten Carbide Tube Drawing Dies

Quality of tungsten carbide in tungsten carbide tube drawing dies, play an important role drawing dies life . Design, manufacture tungsten carbide tube drawing dies, to make it a long life, less maintenance and improve the drawing speed, adapted three of today's high-speed drawing, must deal with the following issues:
l. Inlet cone and the cone lengthened work to establish better lubrication pressure, and lubrication cone angle should be shortened.
2. Sizing belt must be straight, their height should be reasonable.
3. Work with a cone angle and sizing junction there should be a transition angle, at least to minimize, generally less than 0.5 °.

Tungsten carbide tube drawing dies, high hardness, high quality tube with tungsten carbide tube drawing die drawing, the surface roughness is low. Meanwhile, Tungsten carbide tube drawing dies work better wear resistance , have a long service life. Tungsten carbide tube drawing dies machining accuracy, durability, abrasion resistance and other indicators are better than ordinary tube drawing dies.

Tube drawing die is toward high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance development to meet the requirements of a variety of new processes and materials endless, effective drawing dies greatly improved wear resistance, abrasion, significantly delayed the time to failure, drawing die life increasing the machining accuracy has also been improved to some extent. Drawing is gradually expanding the scope of application, from coarse to fine variety of tube.

Physical and chemical properties of tube drawing dies must meet high hardness, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction requirements. In mass production, and should be used in long-life mold materials, such as tungsten carbide , which have high toughness, high wear-resistant (eg YG15, YG20). Tungsten carbide has a good polishing, low energy consumption, wear resistance, high temperature, corrosion resistance, and its recyclable and other fine features, making it a useful and important materials of drawing dies.

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