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How to Order Tungsten Carbide Rod

Chinatungsten Online provides various grades and types of versatile tungsten carbide rods, and specifications are usually customized. Making of tungsten carbide material, tungsten carbide rod shows superior properties, such as good wear and corrosion resistance, high toughness and hardness, and also long service life.

Chinatungsten Online offers tungsten carbide rods of various grades, based on which, tungsten carbide rods' applications still vary from each other, customers can have all the tungsten carbide rod further processed according to your own requirements, like making macro-drills, end mills and reamers or other mining tools out of tungsten carbide rods.

1. Grade of Tungsten Carbide Rod

Grade Equivalent to ISO Density g/cm3 Bending Strength N/mm2 Hardness HRA Performance & Applications
YG6 K15~K20 14.9 1890 91.5 Details
YG6X K10 14.9 2050 90.5
YG8 K30 14.7 2520 90.0
YG10 / 14.3-14.7 2200 89.5
YG10X K35 14.5 2800 91.5
YL10.2 K25~K35 14.5 2200 91.50
YG20 / 13.4-13.7 2500 85
…… ……  ……  ……  …… 

2. Types of Tungsten Carbide Rod

  Types of Tungsten Carbide Rod Order
  Tungsten Carbide Plain Rod Order
  Tungsten Carbide Central-hole Rod Order
  Tungsten Carbide Parrellel-holes Rod Order
  Tungsten Carbide Two-spiral-holes Rod Order
  Tungsten Carbide Three-spiral-holes Rod Order
  Tungsten Carbide Chamfered Rod Order

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