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Tungsten Carbide Threaded Rod

The comparison of thread milling and traditional tungsten carbide threaded rod processing method

The traditional method of threading mainly adopts screw thread cutting tools, or uses screw taps and manual screwing die to tap and set clasps. With the development of CNC machining technology, especially the three-axis NC machining systems has enabled more advanced ways of threading - Thread Milling can be achieved. Thread milling compared with the traditional way of threading, has a great advantage in the processing accuracy and processing efficiency, and the processing is not threaded to the thread structure and the restrictions, such as a thread mill can process a variety of different spin of the internal and external threads. As for the threads with transitional buckled or refund groove structrue, using the traditional method of turning,screw tap or screw die is haeder to process than the use of CNC milling. In addition, the thread milling cutter is not only a dozen times or even tens of times more durable, but also in the process of CNC thread milling, the adjustment of thread diameter is very convenient. As the advantages of thread milling, currently the developed countries have extensively used the milling process on the large scale production.

The introduction of tungsten carbide threaded rod
  • Mold is the precision machinery, mold manufacturing costs high. Therefore, for the sake of the quality of the workpiece, a large mold thread is processed with thread milling in order to ensure accurate center distance of the hole and the fullness of the thread profiles.
  • Non-rotating type or non-symmetric parts  As the parts sre asymmetrical, with the thread method of turning, the difficulty is clamping, but machining accuracy can be guaranteed.
  • Large bore diameter and intermittent cutting.
tungsten carbide threaded rod

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