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Tungsten Carbide Cylindrical Hole Rods

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Features of tungsten carbide cylindrical hole rods:
  • Main application is for making PCB drills, drills,endmills and reamers etc.
  • Excellent combinations of wear resistance and high toughness
  • using sub-micron and ultra-fine grades.
  • Anti-deformation and deflection.
Specifications of tungsten carbide cylindrical hole rods:

Cylindrical-holeA –length 310mm
Cylindrical-holeA –length 330mm
Cylindrical-holeB –length 310mm
Cylindrical-holeB –length 330mm

We stock a wide range of tungsten carbide cylindrical hole rods with different diameters and length available in various grades from unground to polished and chamfered. Thus, we could ensure Just-In-Time delivery to customers' order.

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