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Tungsten Carbide Round Rod

Tungsten Carbide Round Rod
Tungsten carbide round rod is a shape for round rod, and the main material for tungsten carbide round rod is tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide, also known as carbide, is an extremely hard alloy made from tungsten and carbon that offers high wear resistance as well as good corrosion resistance. Tungsten carbide rod is one of Chinatungsten's best products. It is a kind of new technology and new material.These tungsten carbide round rod are used for the manufacture of cutting tools for the metal, wood, plastic and other industries where hardness and wear corrosion resistance is required. Tungsten carbide round rods are available in standard lengths of 310 and 330 mm.

Tungsten Carbide Round Rod Properties
Tungsten carbide round rod has been ground to achieve the precise shape and size, and has a precision tolerance. The tungsten carbide round rod provides high wear resistance, and good corrosion and heat resistance. Tensile strength, used to indicate the material's overall strength, is the peak stress it can withstand before it breaks. Corrosion resistance describes the material's ability to prevent deterioration caused by atmosphere, moisture, or other medium. Wear resistance indicates the ability to prevent surface damage caused by contact with other surfaces. Hardness describes its resistance to permanent surface deformation.

tungsten carbide rod tungsten carbide round rod

Tungsten Carbide Round Rod Application
Tungsten carbide round rod is mainly applied in making drills, end mills and reamers. And it is also used for cutting, punching and measuring tools. It is used in the industries of paper making, package, printing, non-ferrous metal processing. Also, it is widely used processed as HSS cutting tool, carbide end mills, carbide cutting tool, NAS Cutting tool, Aerospace cutting tool, carbide drill, milling cutter core drill, high speed steel, taperd end mills, metric end mills, miniature end mills, pilot reamer, electronics cutter, step drill, double margin drill, metal cutting saw, gun barrel, angle milling cutter, carbide burrs, carbide tipped cutter etc.
The grade of YG6, YG6X, YG8 is better wear resistant than Mk6, it can used for hard wood, processing original wood aluminum section bar, brass rod and cast iron, etc. The grade of YG10 is wear and percussion resistance, used for processing hard wood, soft wood ferrous and non-ferrous.

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