Tungsten Carbide Rod

tungsten carbide rod

Tungsten Carbide Rods

Tungsten carbide rod are mostly applied for drill bits, end mills, and reamers with sub-micron grain grade YG10X, for non-ferrous precision cutting and wood cutting with grade YG6X, and for fiberglass reinforced plastics, titanium alloys, hardened steel with ultra-fine grain grade YG8X, etc.

Tungsten Carbide Round Rod

Tungsten carbide round rod is a shape for round rod, and the main material for tungsten carbide round rod is tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide, also known as carbide, is an extremely hard alloy made from tungsten and carbon that offers high wear resistance as well as good corrosion resistance.

Tungsten Carbide Square Rod

Tungsten carbide square rod is a shape for square, and it is a kind of rod. Tungsten carbide square rod is a hard, brittle ceramic which, when combined with 6% to 10% Cobalt, forms a tough cermet. This material was developed for use in cutting tools, having hard ceramic crystals of a few microns in size within a ductile metal matrix.

Tungsten Carbide Thread Rod

The traditional method of threading mainly adopts screw thread cutting tools, or uses screw taps and manual screwing die to tap and set clasps. With the development of CNC machining technology, especially the three-axis NC machining systems has enabled more advanced ways of threading - Thread Milling can be achieved.

Tungsten Carbide Cylindrical Hole

We stock a wide range of tungsten carbide cylindrical hole rods with different diameters and length available in various grades from unground to polished and chamfered. Thus, we could ensure Just-In-Time delivery to customers' order.

Tungsten Carbide Single Hole Rod

The tungsten carbide single hole rods are used for cutting aluminum alloy , cast iron , stainless steel , refractory alloy steel ,nickel-based alloy , titanium alloy and non-ferrous metal , various carbide grades with stable properties have been widely recongnized by worldwide tool makers. We can produced the ungrounded and grounded carbide rods.

Tungsten Carbide Double Holes Rod

Tungsten carbide double holes rod used in make the drill bits reamers .automobile special cutters, printed circuit board special cutters, engine special cutters, horology processing special cutters, integral vertical milling cutter, graver and etc. Besides, they can be used for making of cemented carbide stamping head, core bar and perforation tools.

Tungsten Carbide Helix Rod

Tungsten carbide double helix hole rod forming a double helix hole in the mold of its rough twisted to form a rotation, extrusion faster, shorter rough time in the mold mediator shape after extrusion die, the degree of elastic recovery, the greater the rough , while the longitudinal expansion is the result of the pitch increases. Therefore, the faster the extrusion speed, the greater the pitch of the blank.

Tungsten Carbide Double Helix Holes Rod

Tungsten carbide double helix holes rod is a kind of rod with double helix holes, the general helix angle are 15°, 40°, 45°and 60°. It is composite by the main material of tungsten carbide with other additives. The main method of the rod is powder metallurgy, which owns the properties of high hardness, high T.R.S. and high wear resistance.

Tungsten Carbide Rod with Coolant Hole

Tungsten carbide rod with coolant hole has a wide range of application, such as producing finished cutting tools, such as twist drills, mills, reamers, taps and burrs etc., besides these, they are also widely applied to produce processing tools of making printed circuit boards (PCB), such as micro-drills, big-head drills and gravers etc.

Tungsten Carbide Mandrel

Tungsten carbide mandrel is a smaller version of the mandrel, the mandrel standard carbide overall length always are less than 100mm, the main length is 80mm. But if the customers have special required about the size, we could provide the mandrel according to different customer requirements. Tungsten carbide mandrel is mainly used in the pressing direction of the mandrel in the compact or the sintered body forming mold parts Profile.

Tungsten Carbide Two Straight Shrinkage Rod

Tungsten carbide two straight shrinkage rod is a kind of ccarbide cutting tool, which is suitable for different roughing parameters, cutting materials and non-metallic materials. At the same time, tungsten carbide two straight shrinkage rod could also used in traditional automatic, semi-automatic lathes and so on.

Tungsten Carbide Three Straight Holes Rod

Tungsten carbide three straight holes rod are widely used in drills, end mills and reamers, also use as cutting, punching and measuring tools. It is widely used in papermaking, packaging, printing, non-ferrous metal processing industry.

Tungsten Carbide Three Spiral Holes Rod

Tungsten carbide three spiral holes rod with stable mechanical properties, easy to weld, high wear resistance and impact resistance, are widely used to make drill, end mill, thread drills, reamers and so on. Suitable for the manufacture of tungsten carbide various tools, machining heat-resistant alloys and titanium, are also suitable for processing steel HRC <40.

Tungsten Carbide Rod Saw

Tungsten carbide rod saw is a thin tough alloy steel wire coated with carbide grit, can be used in a 10inch coping saw or hacksaw to cut all types of composite laminates easily by hand.

Precision Ground Tungsten Carbide Rod

The surface of precision ground tungsten carbide rod is with polished condition, which has been ground to achieve the precise shape and size, and has a precision tolerance. The tungsten carbide round rod provides high wear resistance, and good corrosion and heat resistance. Tensile strength, used to indicate the material's overall strength, is the peak stress it can withstand before it breaks.

Tungsten Carbide Composite Brazing Rod

Tungsten carbide composite brazing rod is composed of granular tungsten carbide alloy casing with a flexible blend. Coated with a layer of special flux and coloring to identify the size of the particle level, sintered carbide particles primarily tungsten carbide cobalt.

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